Having Difficulties With Breastfeeding ?

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Consulting Services

Let’s sit one-on-one with you and break down all your breastfeeding struggles. Whether it’s a latch or a slow weight gain problem, our in house expert is ready to resolve them with you. Our sessions can be booked before and after delivery or even during adoption.  

Group Classes

A group of people is simply called an assembly. A group of Mums coming together to learn about breastfeeding however, is called a Phenomenon! Join our group classes and come rub minds with fellow mums

Breastfeeding Support

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Let’s be your village! We provide up to date and evidence based breastfeeding tips for mothers. Join our community of super mums enriching their babies through breastfeeding

Lactation Treats

Have you ever tasted a snack that’s yummy, healthy and can increase your breast milk supply? Our lactation treats do just that. Choose from a range of products all designed to ensure that your little one is well fed and Mama remains happy!

Online Webinars

We know how difficult it can be to find time to leave the house to attend a class. With our webinars, you can learn and interact with our expert and fellow mums in the comfort of your house.

Breastfeeding NG is a company founded by Maryam Anjolaoluwa Sanuth, a Clinical Pharmacist, a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and Mum to an amazing two-year old

Raising A Healthy Child Begins With Proper Breastfeeding

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Our Satisfied Customers

 Hello ma'am,

My Breastfeeding game hasn't remained the same after I took your lactation cookies and hot chocolate mix.

Thank you so much, You're doing an amazing job

Being a first time mum can be very confusing. I was under a lot of pressure from family to start supplementing with formula. I stumbled on Breastfeeding NG on Instagram and reached out. Mrs Sanuth spoke to me for 35 minutes. After that call, I was more resolute about my breastfeeding journey. She was warm and reassuring. Each time I got stuck, I reached out and she always had a solution. I was able to breastfeed my baby exclusively for 6 months even when I resumed work in between. Thank you so much

Mrs Deyelu