Plain Lactation Lemonade

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Our Classic Lemonade is the first of its kind. Comes in two flavours; Watermelon and Original.

It is made from our signature brew of Moringa, Fennel and Aniseed. A very rich source of Vitamin C and Iron, courtesy of Moringa. Fennel has been used for centuries to help mums produce more breastmilk.

It may even help provide relief for your baby’s colic.

Aniseed is the cherry on the top providing a sweet fragrance and taste to the lemonade and of course help Mama produce more milk.


Available in 50cl bottles


Lactation lemonade works like magic in boosting breast milk to make both mama and baby happy. This particular one is made by a lactation expert and a mum.

The constituents of this lemonade include;

  • Moringa,
  • Fennel
  • Aniseed

Be sure to have your breast filled with quality milk by buying this wonderful lactation lemonade.


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